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Flatbeds are great for hauling; construction materials and equipment, landscaping materials, oil field material, automobiles, and all terrain vehicles.

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Locate A Distributor

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Flatbeds can be made for detachable roll-off trucks or permanent mount truck applications.  Bucks Fabricating can make a flatbed or platform body to meet all of your needs.  Our options include beavertails, dovetails, stakepockets and rubrails located on the sides only or placed across the rear. We offer many wood or steel floor options, and heavy duty construction for transporting extra heavy equipment.  Call one of our representatives today to specify your particular needs and receive a quote for a quality built flatbed.

Key Features

  • 48” bulkhead
  • Rub rail
  • Stake pockets
  • Diamond or smooth deck
  • 2’ beaver tail


  • 3/16” diamond plate floor, “D” rings, 12” cross member spacing, or 8” cross member spacing, Crash plates, Aptong wood decking, ICC bumper, Fold-down dovetail, Cable hook-up, Hook-lift hook-up, Cable / hook-lift hook-up, Heil hook-up, Dempster dino hook-up