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Sealed & Sludge Containers

Our Sealed containers offer you the hauler the advantage of being able to haul “Wet” loads without the danger of spilling or leaking any fluids or contaminants. Our Sealed units have been utilized to transport sludge’s, cutting fluids, drilling slurries, metal turnings, paper mache, food processing wastes, agricultural wastes, sediments and countless other sloppy loads.

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Locate A Distributor

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Our Sealed Containers are totally enclosed and water tight tested. The sealed containers utilize an EPDM seal that allows our tailgates to be completely sealed for storage or transport. Call one of our representatives today to specify your particular needs and receive a quote for a quality built unit.

Product Specifications

  • Understructure: 3" channel 4.1 lbs/ft at 16" apart
  • Long rails: 2" X 6" X 1/4" tubing
  • Bullnose: Solid 1 1/4" plate burnout
  • Floor: 3/16" 2 pieces butt welded
  • Push plate: 26" X 16" X 3/16"
  • Hook-plate: 23" X 15" X 3/4"
  • Wheels: 8" X 10" long rear, 8" X 6" long front (standard only on cable)
  • Wheels axles: 1 1/2" solid round bar
  • Nose rollers: 4" diameter x 6" long
  • Side wall: 10 gauge
  • Bulk head: 10 gauge
  • Top rail: 3" X 4" X 7 gauge tubing
  • Side post: 3" X 5" formed on 24" centers
  • Rear corner post: 3 1/2 " X 7" X 3/16" formed
  • Tailgate sheet: 10 gauge
  • Tailgate latch: Vertical lift handle
  • Tailgate frame: Vertical 3" X 4" X 7 gauge tubing , horizontal 3" X 4" X 7 gauge tubing
  • Seal: All rubber "P" seal in track
  • Hinges: Heavy duty slotted sliding type with binder
  • Paint: Exterior one solid color, interior and bottom prime

Additional Product Information

Key Features

  • Water tight
  • One piece sealed roof
  • Two piece sealed roof


  • Splash plates, Interior skowls, Various apertures, Valves, Inlets, Man ways, Side roll tarp system, Sliding tarp systems, Sealed rolling lids., EPDM polymer "P" seal, Cam lock, Cable hook-up, Hook-lift hook-up, Cable / hook-lift hook-up, Heil hook-up, Dempster dino hook-up, Rear cable hook-up
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