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Paint is more than just a nice finish

It’s the first line of defense against damage and rust.

To increase longevity of containers, we’ve implemented a standard practice of priming and painting all of our products. Additionally, we use a specially formulated paint for our undercoating. Our environmentally safe paint shop has two 45’ paint booths.

What do we paint?

As we manufacture containers, we utilize standard coating practices that apply to our customer’s needs. Coating the containers is the first line of defense to premature wear and protecting the containers from rust. Below you will see a standard container paint and coating chart:

What colors are available?

What is Zero-waste Coating?

As paint reaches the minimum quantities needed to coat the container size, we ensure no extra paint goes to waste. We implement a zero-waste system that allows us to use every drop of paint in the barrel. Any left over paint in the lines and barrels is used for undercoating, this combination of excess paint is known as zero-waste coating.