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Trust Pennsylvania’s original roll-off
manufacturer to keep your business in motion.


Meet the Team


Crystal Roseberry
Sales Manager
Team Member since 2012
Hobbies: Dancing, Karaoke


Jeremy DeWoody
New Business Development Specialist
Team Member since 2017
Hobbies: Euchre


Matthew Williams
Sales Representative
Team Member since 2016
Hobbies: Photography, Ring making.


Robb Holder
Technical Sales Specialist
Team Member since 2020
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing


Jodie Fritz
Roll-Off Parts Representative
Team Member since 2014
Hobbies: Traveling, Soap Making


Keith Bailey
General Manager
Team Member since 1995
Hobbies: Large Game Hunting


Ron Fritz
Production Manager
Team Member since 2000
Hobbies: Competition Chainsaw Cutting


Rick Robison
Production Supervisor- Plant 2
Team Member since 2010
Hobbies: Race Cars


Mike Duttry
Shipping Supervisor
Team Member since 2011
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing


Scott McClellan
Team Member since 2012
Hobbies: Golfing, camping, kayaking


We have a full WorkForce of products to keep your business moving…

A small front/rear load container ideal for for fleets for residual waste collection and hauling

A light duty container ideal for light-weight waste, debris or trash collection and hauling

A medium duty container ideal for hauling construction, storm debris, property clean-out, and rental fleets

A heavy duty container ideal for hauling dense contruction debris, heavy industrial waste or scrap metal

Need something else? Our dedicated team can help create your own custom solution ideal for all of your business needs

We proudly partner with Roll-OffParts.com to provide you with all of the replacement parts and accessories you need for your container fleet. If you find your containers need a little more than a few parts, we offer refurbishment services as well.

See our Workforce

Let’s talk about how we can partner to keep your business in motion. Bucks™ Fabricating is proud to have spent the last 36 years supporting businesses from all industries with roll-offs that work as hard as you do. We offer a full Work Force™ of hauling products from front/rear load dumpsters and standard roll-off containers to specialized units and custom designs.  Not only can we build anything you need, we also offer a full line of replacement parts and accessories through our Roll-OffParts.com division.

Crystal Roseberry
Sales Manager

Lead times may vary based on current material delays and fluctuating steel costs.