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How do I find the serial number on the container?
The serial number of Bucks Fabricating roll-off containers is stamped into the front, driver-side on the bottom rail.

How do I locate my hoist/hook-lift make and/or model?
Not every hoist or hook-lift manufacturer have the same identification tags or location. Please refer to the equipped system manufacturers’ documentation or websites. Most common identifications tags or stamps are located on the frame of the equipped system. This can range all over the hoist system inside or outside of the rails or flanges. For more information on the locations, please contact the sales representative where you purchased the system from.

How do I measure the hook-lift stops on my hoist?
Hook-lift stops are typically on roll-off containers and are unique to specific container measurements, otherwise loading a container onto a different system can prove to be difficult. When customers request for containers to be built, we request that information is verified correctly. This can slow both the customer’s and Bucks Fabricating’s processes down with unnecessary costly repairs and reworks. We verify the following details before fabrication of any containers as there are several different types of stops & locations. You can also view “Trash Talk | Measuring Stop Locations” made by our friends at Roll-Off Parts.

Who owns the Bucks Fabricating container in my driveway, yard, or on my street?
Bucks Fabricating is just the manufacturer of the container. We do not provide assistance with rentals and/or container removal of your roll-off/container at your home or business.

How long is your warranty and what does it cover?
You can view our full list of warranties here > Sales Terms and Warranty Information

How do I replace parts on my roll-off containers?
Our sister subsidiary, Roll-off Parts™ can assist you with any of your parts and accessories needs. Even if you are not sure who manufactured the container, we can still provide you with assistance and the right part for your container.

How can I get a spec sheet?
Spec sheets are available for download on the respective product pages.

What is the WorkForce?
The WorkForce is our full line of small can and roll-offs.

How do I unload my containers?
All information in regards to unloading can be found at our Shipping & Handling page. For any further questions, please contact our Shipping Coordinator, Mike Duttry at

Can I pick up my containers instead of paying shipping?
No problem, just be sure to follow the Order Pickup Procedure to ensure a smooth process. For any further questions, please contact our Shipping Coordinator, Mike Duttry at

What is Zero-Waste Coating?
As paint reaches the minimum quantities needed to coat the container size, we ensure no extra paint goes to waste. We implement a zero-waste system that allows us to use every drop of paint in the barrel. Any left over paint in the lines and barrels is used for undercoating, this combination of excess paint is known as zero-waste coating.


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