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Flatbeds are great for hauling construction materials, equipment, landscaping materials, oil field material, automobiles, and all terrain vehicles. More »

Recycler related productRecyclers

Whether you are using it for clothing materials, hazardous batteries, or all-in-one, we can build the Recycler for you. More »

packers related productsCompactor Receivers

Bucks® offers Compactor Receivers in two styles: Octagon and Rectangular. More »

Security and Storage

Bucks® Fabricating manufactures Security and Storage containers that are designed for on-site storage. More »


Chipper bodies are great for the tree care and landscaping industries. Our standard Chipper Body is a favorite of residential tree trimmers and arborists.
More »

Ultra Box
Ultra Box

The leaders of the scrap industry know where to turn when considering container purchases. Bucks® Ultra Box Containers outlast the competition and, most importantly, will beat your expectations. More »